1. Hey guys, I finally got around editing my acting reel. I would really like if you could give me some notes. 

  2. thechrisgethardshow:

    We reach out to old friends and fans of the show, asking them where they think we lost our soul.

    Considering this is just a bunch of us sitting on camera, this was a surprisingly fun episode.

    Fun times. Weird times.

  3. Guys, I fixed the new batman photo. How embarrassed Warner Brother’s must have been when they realized they released like that! You are welcome Ben Affleck! 

  4. I wrote this sketch for Moriarty’s June show. It’s about a bunch of dudes being dudes while belaying their wives. Because, you know. Life and stuff. 


  5. The cast thus far for this year’s NIGHT OF ZERO LAUGHS


    Assembling a panel for The Night of Zero Laughs is akin to being a master chef - you need to find just the right ingredients, and mix them together in just the right quantities. Also you need to see who’s free and then also hope they see the charm in public access television.

    Luckily, we are in the process of assembling a high quality grouping of people who shall bring the world of silent, no-laugh comedy to great new heights.

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    Every single kiss caught me completely by surprise.  

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  7. Juan’s History of Macbeth

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  8. drujohnston:

    This week we celebrate our long time creative contributer Juan in a live retrospective! We ask our fans to call in with their favorite moments of Juan on TCGS - there are so many to choose from, because this DEFINITELY isn’t only Juan’s second appearance on the show! 

    Probably my favorite episode.

    I’ve been trying to think of a time I had more fun than this and I honestly couldn’t.

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  9. thechrisgethardshow:


    Doing a #TBT to the time Juan did the most compelling three minute rendition of Macbeth on #TCGS


  10. socratescloset:

    Weird, I found these pictures of Jesse and Juan facing off at the Beef Off from ages ago. I wasn’t even at this episode of the Gethard Show. How did these get on my phone?

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